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Posted Date: 03/10/2017

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New Playground at Perez

Perez is proud to say that they have a new playground for the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.  The new playground was introduced to the students via a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Mrs. Myra Trigo-Ramos (principal), Mrs. Lora Saenz (Kindergarten teacher), and Mrs. Yanell Garza (Pre-kindergarten teacher) welcomed the students to the ribbon cutting ceremony and each expressed how fortunate Perez was to receive such a wonderful place to play.  Kinder students Karyme Solis and Angel Martinez also gave a marvelous speech explaining the wonderful features of the new playground and how joyful they were to have it.  They also promised to take care of the new playground and to always play safely.  The ribbon was cut following the speeches, and the students were able to play and enjoy their new playground.  Kindergartener Brianna Zapata said, “Los juegos nuevos son muy divertidos!”.  Perez Elementary is very pleased to have a new playground for their younger students.  The students now have an excellent area to play in during recess and sunny days.  Perez Elementary would like to send their gratitude to La Joya ISD for such a wonderful addition to their school.