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Posted Date: 03/09/2017

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Published Authors at Perez Elementary

After having author Claudia Villarreal present how she published her book, Perez Elementary students were inspired to publish a book of their own.  Students Treasures Publishing gave the students an opportunity to become published authors.  The publishing company delivered book kits to each class.  Students and teachers worked diligently during the months of November and December to create their masterpieces.  Some books were created by all the students in a class, while others were created by individual students.  Like every author, Perez Elementary students followed the writing process in order to write their books.  They brainstormed, wrote first drafts, revised, and edited their work. It was not until they were satisfied with the work that they began to write the final draft of their books.  The students also created their own covers and illustrations for their books.  The book kits were shipped right before the winter break to get published.  The published books were finally delivered in January.  They turned out splendid!  Students at Perez Elementary are now published authors.  Students were very proud to share their books with classmates.  They were eager to read each other’s stories and writings.  The next award winning author may be found at Perez Elementary.