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Posted Date: 03/05/2018

How Sweet Are Thy Words

In an effort to promote AR Vocabulary Quizzes, Perez Elementary students participated in the “How Sweet Are Thy Words” Vocabulary Race.  The students with the most words learned, were treated to a fun day at Barnes and Nobles during La Joya ISD Love Your Library Week.  They were greeted with great smiles and a tour of the store.  Students even got to see how the employees work behind the scenes at the back of the store.  The store manager also did a read aloud of the book YOU! by Sandra Magsamen. The students looked around the store and made some book purchases before returning to Perez Elementary.  Once at Perez, students enjoyed the rest of the afternoon warm and cozy reading their new books.  Perez is very proud of its student who add new words to their vocabulary banks each and every day. 

Perez Elementary students at Barnes and Noble Field Trip    Perez Elementary students at Barnes and Noble getting a sweet treat