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Thumbnail Image for Article 19244Perez Elementary Cutest Cowboy Wrangler
Posted Date: 03/05/2018

Perez Cutest Wrangler Cowboy

Congratulations to Jonas X. Martinez, 2nd grader at Patricio Perez Elementary.  Jonas recently participated in the Jose “Joe” Correa Round-Up Competition.  We are very proud to announce that Jonas brought home the title of the Cutest Wrangler Cowboy Award.  Jonas also won 3rd place in Best Showmanship.  In addition to his agriculture endeavors, Jonas also participated in Mission Citrus Fiesta, where he served a trainbearer to the Royal Court.  He was selected to escort this year’s Queen Citrianna during her coronation.  Perez Elementary is extremely proud of Jonas for his hard work and participation in extracurricular activities in school and out. 

: Jonas Martinez, 2nd grader, showing his lamb, Pee-Wee, at the Jose “Joe” Correa Round-Up Competition        Jonas Martinez, 2nd grader at Perez Elementary, with the Duchess of Whitewing, student at Palmview High School, at the Citrus Fiesta Royal Reception.