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Posted Date: 10/03/2017

Coach Stepping Up to the Plate

Mr. Margarito Noyola, a coach assistant at Patricio Perez Elementary, has decided to follow in his students’ footsteps and become a student himself.  Coach Noyola has registered at South Texas College and will pursue a degree in Kinesiology / Sports Medicine. When asked why he decided to go back to school, he answered, “I wanted to become an example to all of our students and demonstrate that it is never too late to achieve a goal that you have always had. And to make my grandma proud.”  He added that with all the right support from friends, family, and colleagues, he is one hundred percent confident that he will conquer his dream of becoming a head coach at La Joya ISD one day.  Perez Elementary is extremely proud of Coach Noyola for moving in the right direction and will support him on his journey.  

Coach Noyola's First Day of College