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Thumbnail Image for Article 14626Perez Kick Off to an All-Star Year
Posted Date: 10/02/2017

Perez Kick Off to an All-Star Year

Patricio Perez Elementary was off to a great start this new school year.  Their all-star students kicked off the year with a fun filled rally.  Each grade level teachers preformed a cheer praising their students for being champions, having passion, and demonstrating courage in all that they do. The cheer that stole the show was one created by the students themselves.  Esthefany Sifuentes, a fifth grade student, said, “It was an honor to create a cheer because it will be something that gives all students motivation to try their best.” The students performed their cheer in front of their peers and were asked for an encore. Students at Perez Elementary are ready for an all-star year.

Perez Elementary Students ready for an All Star Year